PM Dahal resigns with a vow to end drought of ethics in politics


Kathmandu, May 24: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said he had put in papers to end ethical drought that has dominated Nepali politics since long. He announced resignation from the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers without any hesitation as per the agreement with the major ruling partner, Nepali Congress. Dahal was elected the Prime Minister as per the agreement with NC to govern the country on a rotation basis almost ten months before. In his address to the nation today, Prime Minister Dahal said the unreliable leadership would not lead the country and democracy. “I am thankful to the entire country including the opposition party for their good faith that the incumbent government should hold the second phase of local elections as well. But I am hell bent to put an end to the drought of ethics that has plagued Nepali politics since long”, PM noted in his address. The formidable problem of Nepali politics is crisis of trust and honesty and culture of using one against another, he said, “To be honest, we all are in one way or other the victim of such culture. There are several instances when such written and verbal agreements reached among the leaders and political parties have been breach in different times in the past. The deficit of trust among each other and the tendency of utilizing one another for short political gains do not augur well for a democracy “. The Prime Minister expressed his commitment to be proactive for the elevation of country and people as a politician, a parliamentarian and a citizen in the future as well by ending the tradition of expressing anger and aggression while stepping down from power. “I am announcing resignation from the post of the Prime Minister right now today and I am going to the Office of the President to tender my resignation before the head of state. My efforts would continue for national unity and consensus. I am happy to take leave as a successful Prime Minister”. On the occasion, Prime Minister Dahal added, “We all are aware that the coalition government has its limitations. Obviously the collaboration among the parties with different political positions is complicated and pressing. But, the shadow of such complication did not put us in trouble. I would like to owe my sincere thanks to all political parties and ministers for their cooperation, good will and collaboration”. Before this, the Nepali politics has been plagued by several ill practices of not walking out of the government even on the registration of no-trust motion against the Prime Minister, brushing aside the agreement reached on handing over the power, staying in power despite protest from the opposition party in parliament and street and showing hesitation to hand over governmental berth to the newly-elected political party. Prime Minister Dahal’s indication was against such tendencies and his attempt was to establish honesty and obedience in politics in the country.