NC demands re-election in three polling centres of Bajhang, Achham


Kathmandu, June 29: Nepali Congress (NC) has demanded with the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) to conduct re-election in the total three polling centres from Bajhang and Achham. 

The NC has demanded the election claiming that CPN-UML attempted to rig in the election by commanding its cadres to take hold of those polling centres and vote unilaterally. 
In a press statement released by the Chief Secretary of the NC’s central office, Krishna Prasad Poudel on Thursday, the NC has stressed on the re-poll in the polling centre at Sulipipalchaur Higher Secondary School in Bajhang and polling centre at Baidhyanath Secondary School and the polling centre at Chandrodaya Primary School of Sanphebagar, Achham. 
NC has accused UML of beating its candidates in those polling centers and chasing them away from the polling centres where they had been to cast their votes. 
The major ruling party has also condemned the UML cadres’ act of attack on its candidates and unruly behaviors towards the security personnel at the polling centres and claimed that the UML, the main opposition party, has breached the fundamental voting rights of the public. 
An immediate probe into the incident is also demanded, according to the press statement.