6,100 women and children trafficked in 2016


Kathmandu, July 4: As many as 6,100 women and children were reportedly trafficked from the country during the fiscal year 2072-73 BS, a report reveals. 

The ‘Trafficking in persons’ National Report released by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today showed that 98 % among the trafficked were women. 
The Report has projected that 13,600 women and children are vulnerable to human trafficking. Some 3,900 women and children are still missing and over 70 % of them are children, according to the report. 
It is found that women and children have been coercively trafficked to China for sexual work and to Afghanistan, the United Kingdom and South Korea to engage them as security guard. 
At least 312 cases of human trafficking have been registered at Nepal Police during the fiscal year. RSS