Five arrested after bungled abduction


Mahendranagar : The authorities here on Monday arrested five persons in connection with the abduction of a youth from Bideha municipality. 

According to District Police Office in Dhanusha, Shova Devi Das, 55, Ram Sufal Das, 25 of Chakkar – 7, Nikesh Yadav, 22, of Tarapatti – 1, Esanul Rain, 18, and Adam Nadaf, 19, of Bhramapura – 3 were arrested in accusation of kidnapping Kamaleshwor Das, 24, of Bideha municipality – 8.  Kamaleshwor was threatened and coerced to sit on a bike by four individuals at the Mahinathpur railway station on Friday and taken by force to Bhramapura intersection in Janakpur where he was detained in a room belonging to Adam Nadaf.  He was taken to a room belonging to Ram Chandra Das at Janakpur Sub Metropolis – 9 at 4 pm on Saturday. The abductors sought ransom from Kamaleshwor’s family members and threatened to kill him.  Kamaleshwor managed to flee through ventilation at 3 am on Sunday morning from the room where he was held. He immediately informed the police.  The abductors were arrested on Monday. Police also confiscated knife, saw and three sets of mobile phones. They will be tried in the court of law for abduction and physical detention.