Houston floods: Night curfew bid to stop robbery and looting


Houston : The US city of Houston has declared a night-time curfew as it battles the impact of Hurricane Harvey.The storm has dumped record rainfall, leaving large parts of the city underwater, homes destroyed and over 20 people reported dead.

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said the curfew was needed to head off looting in America’s fourth most populous city.
President Donald Trump visited Texas on Tuesday to survey the damage brought by Harvey, calling the storm “epic”.
The curfew will run from 00:00-05:00 local time (05:00-10:00 GMT) for an indefinite period. Relief volunteers, first responders, and those going to and from work are exempt.
Mr Turner said the curfew would help prevent “property crimes” against evacuated homes, and was in force “only to prevent potential criminal acts”.
City officials have reported instances of looting, armed robberies and of people impersonating police officers.
Thousands of people have fled their homes in search of emergency shelter amid severe flooding.