President Bhandari addresses 14th anniversary function of Lumbini Buddhist University


Butwal : President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said the precepts of the Gautam Buddha have become popular worldwide as he showed the path of peace, non-violence, goodwill, compassion and wellbeing to human kind.
Addressing the 14th anniversary special ceremony of the Lumbini Buddhist University in Lumbini today, she said all Nepalis feel proud of the Gautam Buddha for the contribution he has made for human welfare and peace.
The Head-of-the-State viewed that we can get peace and wellbeing if we internalized the Buddha’s teachings and guiding principles. She also stressed on promoting world peace, brotherhood, friendship and goodwill.
President Bhandari said it was the State policy to making the nation’s educational and academic environment more fair, healthy, dignified and result-oriented by promoting the teaching and research in Buddhist philosophy, literature, learning and culture while maintaining the quality of the Buddhist education.
She expressed the confidence that the Lumbini Buddhist University would be developed into an intellectual centre of high-level Buddhist philosophy, literature, education and culture in the national and international sector as well as a high class educational and constructive academic institution based on the culture of intellectualism.
The President underscored the need of providing education in Buddhist philosophy, realizing social and cultural prosperity by utilizing the natural resources, and carrying out research and study on the valuable archaeological heritage and the places of historical importance so as to publicize them to the world.
She said it was necessary to contribute to development of Lumbini into a beautiful tourism spot and establish a glorious national identity by bringing out the unique cultural assets of the nation through the exploration of the language and culture that are in shadow.
According to her, time has come to free the society from traditional static thoughts and internalize and institutionalize the dynamic values and adhere to democratic principles and nationality. Production of competitive and competent human resources is urgent need country the country, she pointed out.
Despite having successful political movements bringing the country to this stage, there are still more responsibilities to accomplish for effectively implementing constitution of federal democratic republic.
Equal focus is needed for maintaining political stability along with the cooperation for socioeconomic transformation and country’s holistic development that fulfills people’s diverse expectations and aspiration.
President Bhandari also performed puja at Mayadevi Temple of Lumbini.
On the occasion, Province 5 Chief Umakant Jha viewed that the Lumbini Buddist University would help expand Buddhis regilion and establish this area as the internationally acclaimed academy.
Special honours were conferred on the dignified personalities as former Vice-Chancellor Prof Nareshman Bajracharya, Professor Triratna Bajracharya and former registrar Dr Pitambar Lal Yadav and three Buddhist experts
Similarly, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari, said that government was focused on developing Limbini as the provenance of peace and the centre of learners
Officiating Vice-Chancellor and Registrar Tilakram Acharya shared information about various matters relating to the University.