Rara Karnali Tourism Year-2075’s achievements unveiled


Surkhet : The Karnali State government’s Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment has made public the achievements of ‘Rara-Karnali Tourism Year-2075 BS’.
Organising a press conference on Sunday, the ministry came up with the achievements made so far between the start and end of the tourism year.
Nanda Singh Budha, Minster for Tourism, shared that the state government was able to bring in 454,864 domestic and 21,291 external tourists against its annual target of 500,000 during Rara Karnali Tourism Year-2075.
“Inflow of domestic tourists has increased by around 11 percent in the current fiscal year according to Tourist Arrival Survey-2075 BS’, the minister informed. “Influx of external tourists is found to have increased by 34.2 percent this time”, he added.
It has established a base to make Nepal a tourism destination of the globe and Karnali as Nepal’s tourism hotspot, he claimed. The state government is pursuing its slogan ‘Tourism and Infrastructure: Foundation for Karnali Prosperity”.
Humla has witnessed the highest number of 17,489 external tourists, Indians topping the list, in the year according to the survey and data of immigration department, shared Dhirendra Pradhan, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism under the state government.
Jajarkot has received only seven external tourists which is the lowest in score, he further informed.
The state government has made a spending of Rs 7.81 in course of the Rara-Karnali Tourism Year-2075