Gaza conflict: Reports of ceasefire after days of violence


Gaza : There has been a lull in hostilities in the Gaza Strip amid reports of a ceasefire mediated by Egypt.

At least four Israelis and 23 Palestinians were killed in clashes over two days of worsening violence – the most intense in recent years.

Unconfirmed reports from a Hamas TV station say a ceasefire was agreed between the two sides, but there has so far been no word from Israel.

Parts of the international community, including the UN, had called for calm.

The Israeli army said on Sunday that more than 600 rockets had been fired into Israeli territory since Saturday, while it hit 320 targets in response.

Reports on Sunday night suggested the UN, Qatar and Egypt were trying to broker a ceasefire. By early Monday morning, Palestinian officials were saying an agreement had been reached, with the ceasefire due to begin at 04:30 local time