Leader Dahal gives view of synthesising old ideologies for socialism


Kathmandu : Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the way towards socialism would not open until the new synthesis of people’s democracy and 21st century people’s democracy was made. In his address to a programme organised, marking the 26th Madan Ashrit Memorial Day (the death anniversary of the then CPN (UML)’s general secretary Madan Bhandari and organisation department chief Jivaraj Ashrit in a car crash in Dashdhunga ) and the party unification day at Madannagar today, the former prime minister spoke of the need of making the Communist movement responsible to the people and this need was realised on the basis of latest political developments and experiences at home and abroad. Leader Bhandari gained fame among the people as he practiced a new ideology capable of ending a class struggle existing in the contemporary Nepali society while the Marxism was in crisis. The leader presented his political ideology in the Communist movement by (re) defining old ideologies as per the new context of time, he said. “We will be capable of making a scientific synthesis if we developed a political strategy of addressing the needs of society as per the given context.” He went on to say that the then two political parties –CPN(UML) and CPN (Maoist Centre)–remaining in a different context had united to form the NCP for the objectives of social justice, social security, stability and the nation’s development. As he said, efforts from several political forces were being made to foil the unification, but resistance was possible due to people’s aspirations and right perspectives of the leadership.