Prithvi Highway disrupted since early this morning


Dhading : Movement along the Prithvi Highway has been disrupted due to landslide since early this morning.
Sand and soil have been piled up on road from Galchi rural municipality-6, Bairanibazaar to Maheshdovan bazaar in Dhading, throwing vehicular movement out of gear.
Some vehicles have also been stuck in to the muddy sand mound on the road. Sand has been extracted from road nearby and the rainfall occurred last night slid the mud into the road.
The highway has been disrupted since 2.00 am this morning when the mud from upstream piled up on the road, said Naresh Khatiwada, an entrepreneur of Barainabazaar.
The use of sand cleansing machine along road side caused mud sliding on the highway, which should be cleared to ensure smooth movement, Khatiwada said.
The sand entrepreneurs and rural municipality now have mobilized dozers to remove debris from road. Vehicles have been stranded along the 10-km road stretch due to road obstruction.